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About our Programmes

The Alliance Française de Nairobi offers a rich programme of annual activities showcasing local and international Arts and encouraging creativity.

We support the production and presentation of artistic works, across all disciplines that reflect the diversity, aspirations and contradictions of our contemporary society and that open up space for dialogue.
Alliance Française
 also serves as an important bridge for artistic exchanges between Francophone and Anglophone artists.


Regular Features


A weekly film screening that shows diverse Kenyan, French and Francophone films every Monday of the month.

ShowCase Wednesday

A once-a-month platform for musicians, music and poetry collaborations. Artists are invited to perform, improvise, experiment and build audiences in an intimate acoustic setting.


Monthly visual arts exhibitions, installations and thematic exhibitions that serve multiple purposes: mediums for exposing and celebrating artistic creativity, catalysts for action and transformation, platforms for experimentation and dialogue and avenues for challenging conventions.


Monthly original productions or adaptations by Kenyan theatre companies.

Science Café

Bimonthly informal discussions in English on diverse subjects of interest that make science and research accessible to the general public.

Ateliers Philos (Library)

Monthly philosophy workshops in French by Hervé Nicolle, a graduate of the Ecole Normale Supérieure.  

Mbogi ya Mawriters (Library)

A monthly writers’ forum to highlight our Kenyan authors. The forum provides an opportunity to connect and network with other authors and leaders in both self-publishing and traditional publishing.

Annual Events

Smartphone Film Competition

The competition aims to expose and promote young directors of short films and contribute to popularizing the art of cinema thanks to the ubiquitous smartphone.

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French Film Festival

France is the second largest exporter of films and continues to be one of the leading producers and co-producers of films with over 200 full-length films made in France each year.  French cinema is recognized for its quality, breadth and sophistication.  The French Film Festival aims to bring to local audiences the best of French cinema.

La nuit des idées

The Night of Ideas, in annual event, initiated by Insitut Français (the French Agency for International cultural cooperation), that is marked simultaneously around the world in the third week of January.  The event aims to celebrate and share knowledge, ideas and innovations using different approaches in diverse areas.

La Francophonie

The French Language and Francophone Week is celebrated globally every year around 20th March. It is an occasion that unites about 275 million French speaking people around the world, bringing together a diversity of cultures that continue to enrich the French language.

La Fête de la Musique

Popular known as the World Music Day, it is held annually on 21st June.  The celebrations brings together aspiring musicians and seasoned professionals to perform, celebrate and share their love for music.

European Film Festival

One of Kenya’s longest running film festivals presenting diverse and refreshing films from the European continent reflecting a multicultural 21st century Europe.

Digital November

Initiated by the Institut Français, the French agency for international cultural cooperation, Novembre Numérique or Digital November takes place across several countries to highlight myriad digital cultures.